our services - meeting your needs

Whatever your online facility requires or your computer technology demands, whether it is website presence, an email box, graphics, photography or video, whether you require pc servicing or repairs, virus removal, network setups or social media introduced into your business, we can consult, advise and help you put it all together and bring your business up to date with a system that works for you at the most efficient cost to suit your budget.
Arrange a meeting with us to discuss everything in full and let's see how we may be able to help. 

Computer Repairs

Any problems with your pc's & laptops??? Won't start up, going slow, virus attacks, browser take-overs, don't worry your files are probably ok and we'll get then back then get you up and running good again. At a reasonable cost too!

social media management

Today everybody is on social media. Advertising is changing and major advertising corporations are changing how they do things. The future is more and more exposure through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Snapchat etc.
Are you using these tools in your business to let people out there know you are open and ready to serve them... This new technology requires some attention and time you probably dont have... Let us take care of it for you.
We can offer you a package to set up your business on social media and get the ball rolling. We can teach you how to work it easily. We can take care of managng it and making sure you have a modern presence. We can handle offers and promotions for your business to make sure you get noticed amoungst the crowd.
Let's have a consultation to see what we could create for you.